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What’s the difference between a dreamer and someone who achieves a dream? According to best-selling author Dr. John Maxwell, the answer lies in answering ten powerful, yet straightforward, questions. Whether you’ve lost sight of an old dream or you are searching for a new one within you, Put Your Dream to the Test provides a step-by-step action plan that you can start using today to see, own, and reach your dream. Learn Grow Influence will guide you through the ten questions required of every successful dreamer:

  • The Ownership Question
  • The Clarity Question
  • The Reality Question
  • The Passion Question
  • The Pathway Question
  • The People Question
  • The Cost Question
  • The Tenacity Question
  • The Fulfillment Question
  • The Significance Question

More importantly, we will challenge you to create the right answers, giving you principles and tips to so you can make good decisions and maximize every moment to achieve your dream.

Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you.” – Robin Sharma




 Invest in yourself and reach your Potential!!!

About this Event

February 1 March  (5 weeks session) Saturday Mornings 8:00am est.

You are invited to “Put Your Dream to the Test: 10 Questions That Will Help You See It and Seize It” by John C. Maxwell.

This is a 5-week in-depth study that will afford you the opportunity to join forces and mastermind with a unique group of like-minded individuals who are focused on taking results in every area of their lives to a new level. Having the support and ideas from other focused and driven people allows us to see things differently and to get a new perspective on goals and action plans.

“Believe while others are doubting. Plan while others are playing. Study while others are sleeping. Decide while others are delaying. Prepare while others are daydreaming. Begin while others are procrastinating. Work while others are wishing. Save while others are wasting. Listen while others are talking. Smile while others are frowning. Commend while others are criticizing. Persist while others are quitting.” – John Maxwell

Be intentional about leading yourself and growing.

Connect with other business professionals

Collaborate with like-minded individuals

Learn how personal growth really works

Send your team members to this group and utilize this study as a way to empower your team’s growth

Discover strategies to LEARN, GROW & INFLUENCE


Included with this Course:

1. A customized Study guide,

2. Recorded Sessions for your reference.

3. Certificate of Completion

4. 25% off to our Next Class

5. Access to our Private FB Group (Empowered to Success)

6. Complimentary 30 minute emPower Hour Discovery Coaching Session



Facilitated by: Denis Cela, MBA

Founder of Learn Grow Influence, LLC

Certified Speaker, Trainer and Coach



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